Social movement this Monday, January 18:

  • Due to an internal social movement at a security provider, boarding lounge access times could be longer this Monday, January 18.
  • We invite you to anticipate your arrival at the airport, in order to access your plane in the best conditions.

Airport Charges

Airport public services charges

Tarifs redevances Aéro 2021Covid19 Information : From March 15, suspension of the parking fee for based planes which are immobilized on the platform due to the crisis.

Airport public service charges are set in accordance with the decision of the Economic Advisory Board in application of the provisions of decree No. 2005- 827 dated 20 July 2005.

Download the complete guide to aeronautical charges fees via the link below.

Airport public service charges, rates applicables from 2021

Non-aviation fees and charges

Couverture Tarifs redevances Extra Aéro 2021All authorisations to perform an activity given by the Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac company are granted under the regime of authorisations to temporarily occupy publicly-owned State land.

Download the complete guide to non-aeronautical charges fees via the link below.

Non-aviation fees and charges, rates applicables as of 1st january 2021