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Charles Champion, new Chairman of the ATB Supervisory Board

Wednesday, 30 May, 2018
Charles Champion / Philippe Crébassa - ATB

At the General Meeting on Wednesday, 30 May 2018, the shareholders of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport appointed Charles Champion to take over from Anne-Marie Idrac as Chair of the Supervisory Board. Philippe Crébassa will be the new Chairman of the Executive Board, replacing Jean-Michel Vernhes.

The shareholders of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport came together for their annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 to take stock of the year 2017, which was marked by a sharp increase in air traffic (9.2 million passengers, +14.6%). The company's sound financial situation was fuelled by this exceptional growth and, in this context, the meeting voted to distribute dividends of €13.8 million to its shareholders.

Governance was the other major item on the agenda. As Anne-Marie Idrac had decided against seeking another term, Charles Champion was appointed by the shareholders to take her place. Charles Champion, who directed the Airbus A380 programme before being named President of Airbus Operations SAS until 2017, will take up his new position in the month of August. The transition period will be chaired by Alain Di Crescenzo (president of the Occitania Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board.

Following the General Meeting, a session of the Supervisory Board took place during which four new members entered the governance, replacing officers whose terms had expired:

  • Marcus Balmforth
  • Charles Champion
  • Mike Poon
  • Wei Zhang

The Supervisory Board also appointed Philippe Crébassa, previously Vice President of the French national civil aviation university ENAC, to take over from the current Chairman of the Executive Board, Jean-Michel Vernhes. The meeting emphasized the quality of the work accomplished by Jean-Michel Vernhes since his arrival in 1999.

“Over two decades, he transformed the airport and provided Toulouse with an efficient infrastructure that benefits both the local economy and tourism. Jean-Michel Vernhes and his staff developed air traffic by offering an ever-greater selection of destinations always thinking bigger, they built Halls A and D and committed the airport to sustainable development by reducing carbon emissions and implementing the Commute and Hyport projects,” stressed Anne-Marie Idrac. “Furthermore, Jean-Michel Vernhes was heavily involved in opening up ATB's capital in 2015 and I commend his commitment to the project proposed by Casil Europe shareholders, a project that is currently entering into its final phase and will provide Toulouse with an airport of the highest European standards. He’s a true professional, unanimously recognized as such, with whom I shared the same vision on developing the airport. I wish all the best to his successor, Philippe Crébassa, whom the Supervisory Board has entrusted with the task of pursuing work accomplished thus far, using the new equipment put into operation this year. From September, he will work alongside Charles Champion, who is well known in the field of aeronautics, and whose experience and commitment have contributed to Airbus’ renown. With Charles Champion, Toulouse-Blagnac airport will continue to grow in a controlled and sustainable manner. It is my hope that under his leadership there will be increased constructive discussion between shareholders, going beyond the cultural differences of individuals, to advance this public-private partnership, which must be a strength that benefits all. Lastly, I would like to pay tribute to the ATB staff for their professionalism and their capacity to adapt to changes in the company. They have proven that they can be counted upon to give the best possible service to passengers, even at the height of works. They will still be here, tomorrow, to achieve the ambitions of the new governance,” concluded Anne-Marie Idrac.

Charles Champion added: “I am proud and looking forward to participating in this project: to transform the largest airport in the Occitania region to offer our passengers services worthy of an international hub, well integrated in its environment, it's an exciting challenge! This enthusiasm I previously invested into the projects I worked on at Airbus. I now want to share it with all the shareholders and staff of ATB. With Philippe Crébassa, I'm convinced we’ll do a good job, in the spirit of what has been achieved to date by Anne-Marie Idrac and Jean-Michel Vernhes.”