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Traffic : +12,9 % in May

Thursday, 8 June, 2017

Airport traffic increased by 12.9% in May, with 822,684 passengers recorded.

The daily passenger record has been broken on several occasions throughout this past month, reaching 34,268 passengers on Monday 29 May. Once again, the increase is especially strong internationally (+28.6%), with almost 400,000 passengers recorded. The low-cost sector now accounts for 42.6% of total traffic, an increase of 47% compared to May 2016.


Domestic traffic: 419,528 passengers (+0.9%)
Traffic with Paris decreased slightly (-2%), with a decline for Paris-Orly (-3%) that does not compensate for the increase for Paris-CDG (+0.9%). Regionally, air traffic is on the rise (+7.1%) with strong growth for Nantes (+20.4%), Brest (+15.8%) and Ajaccio (+13%).

International traffic: 397,677 passengers (+28.6%)
Scheduled traffic for the Schengen area continues to experience strong growth (+38.8%). Since November 2016, each month, Madrid has come in 1st place for international destinations (+104.4% this month). The Lisbon route is also very appealing (+94.6%) and the main European hubs remain the most popular destinations. Outside the Schengen area, the trend is the same, with heavy traffic for Great Britain (+41.9%), despite the decreases with London-Gatwick (-7.6%) and London-Heathrow (-5.6%). This was compensated by increases at other airports like London-Stansted. Traffic for North Africa is also on the rise (+4.9%), with increases for Fez (+105.2%) and Tunis (+20.2%). Charter traffic continues to drop, as it competes with route openings by low-cost airlines (-35.6%, 13,299 passengers).

Freight and postal traffic

Freight and postal traffic increased by 12.4%, with 6,117 tonnes handled.

Commercial aircraft movements

The number of movements is on the rise (+11.9%), with 8,307 movements carried out. The average passenger load is 107 passengers, slightly above that of May 2016 (105 passengers per flight).