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Traffic: +13.9% in October

Thursday, 9 November, 2017

In October, traffic growth at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport was almost identical to the previous month, with 844,478 passengers recorded (+13.9%). The Spring-Summer programme is still driving growth in international traffic (+27.7%), with domestic traffic also on the rise, but to a lesser extent (+3.2%). The low-cost sector represents 42.2% of domestic traffic.


Domestic traffic: 439,750 passengers (+3.2%). Traffic with Paris is almost stable (-0.7%), with contrasting trends at Paris-CDG (+5.1%) and Paris-Orly (-2.7%). At regional airports, the upward trend continues (+12.5%), with the highest growth at Brest (+43.1%), Nantes (+36.3%) and Marseille (+16.8%).

International traffic: 400,079 passengers (+27.7%). Scheduled traffic for the Schengen area continues to experience strong growth (+32.4%). The highest increases have been in Palermo (+190.5%), Malaga (+128.6%), Venice (+113.2%), Madrid (+97.2%), Lisbon (+86.7%) and Berlin (+67.8%).

Outside of the Schengen area, growth (+31.6%) is driven by the London airports, with Heathrow in the lead (20,938 passengers this month), followed by Gatwick (19,709 passengers) and Stansted, with 14,443 passengers this month.

Traffic with North Africa continues to grow (+17.7%), with very good results for Morocco (+36.2%) and Tunisia (+27.5%), which largely offset the downturn for Algeria (-5.7%). Charter traffic continued to lag (-28.2%, 8,934 passengers).


Freight and postal traffic decreased by 2.7%, with 5,925 tonnes handled.


The number of movements increased (+9.5%), with 8,169 movements recorded. The average passenger load per flight was 111 passengers, higher than that of October 2016 (108 passengers per flight).