E.g., 21/02/2020
Scheduled hourDestinationAirline(s)Flight numberObservationCheck-inGate
10 h
10:15Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4024
Taken off 10:27C22-C25Gate 34Follow this flight
10:15Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6115
Taken off 10:25D02-D10Gate 22Follow this flight
10:15Paris-CDGAir France
  • AF 7521
Taken off 10:19D02-D10Gate 25Follow this flight
  • FR 1994
Taken off 10:38B11-B12Gate 51Follow this flight
10:20StrasbourgAir France
  • AF 1461
Taken off 10:33D02-D10Gate 30Follow this flight
10:20FezAir Arabia
  • 3O 352
Taken off 10:22B05-B07Gate 54Follow this flight
  • V7 1921
Taken off 10:36Gate 31Follow this flight
  • FR 296
Taken off 10:39B18Gate 57Follow this flight
10:40IstanbulTurkish Airlines
  • TK 1804
Taken off 11:26C17-C20Gate 52Follow this flight
11 h
11:00CardiffAlba Star
  • JQ 5477
Taken off 11:13C15Gate 50Follow this flight
  • TU 283
Boarding closedGate 55Follow this flight
11:15London-HeathrowBritish Airways
  • BA 373
  • AA 6270
Taken off 11:28C01Gate 56Follow this flight
11:30DublinAer Lingus
  • EI 533
Boarding closedC10-C12Gate 54Follow this flight
11:30Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6119
Boarding closedD02-D10Gate 25Follow this flight
11:40CasablancaRoyal Air Maroc
  • AT 791
Boarding closedB08-B10Gate 53Follow this flight
12 h
12:05OranAir Algerie
  • AH 1077
Boarding openedB01-B04Gate 57Follow this flight
12:05BrusselsBrussels Airlines
  • SN 3668
Check-in openedC05-C08Gate 52Follow this flight
  • FR 1193
Boarding openedB18Gate 51Follow this flight
12:40LisbonTAP Air Portugal
  • TP 497
Check-in openedD11-D12Gate displayed at 11:55Follow this flight
13 h
13:00Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6123
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 12:25Follow this flight
  • LH 1095
  • AC 9395
  • NH 5421
  • ET 1597
  • SK 3789
  • UA 9550
Check-in openedC05-C09Gate displayed at 12:30Follow this flight
  • FR 3822
Check-in openedB11-B12Gate displayed at 11:35Follow this flight
13:10Paris-CDGAir France
  • AF 7523
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 12:35Follow this flight
  • LH 2219
  • AC 9370
  • NH 6028
  • SK 3797
  • UA 9271
Check-in openedC05-C10Gate displayed at 12:40Follow this flight
  • IB 8739
Check-in openedD14-D15Gate displayed at 12:25Follow this flight
  • KL 1304
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 12:45Follow this flight
13:35Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4026
C22-C25Gate displayed at 12:50Follow this flight
13:45Berlin TegelEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1745
C22-C25Gate displayed at 12:55Follow this flight
14 h
14:00Rome- FiumicinoEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1712
C22-C25Gate displayed at 13:25Follow this flight
14:00CardiffAir Malta
  • KM 7478
C12-C14Gate displayed at 12:30Follow this flight
  • 8P 322
C15-C16Gate displayed at 12:50Follow this flight
14:15LyonAir France
  • AF 1707
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 13:40Follow this flight
14:15GenevaEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1474
C22-C25Gate displayed at 13:25Follow this flight
14:20Paris-CDGAir France
  • AF 7515
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 13:45Follow this flight
14:20SevillaEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1725
C22-C25Gate displayed at 13:35Follow this flight
  • LH 1097
  • AC 9395
  • NH 5421
  • ET 1597
  • SK 3791
  • UA 9550
C08-C10Gate displayed at 13:55Follow this flight
14:45LilleAir France
  • AF 1412
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 13:55Follow this flight
14:50Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6127
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 14:15Follow this flight
15 h
15:00NiceEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1735
C22-C25Gate displayed at 14:10Follow this flight
  • FR 1799
B18Gate displayed at 14:35Follow this flight
15:10MilanEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 2772
C22-C25Gate displayed at 14:25Follow this flight
15:20MarseilleAir France
  • AF 1298
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 14:45Follow this flight
  • FR 1890
B17Gate displayed at 15:10Follow this flight
15:45Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6131
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 15:10Follow this flight
16 h
  • V7 2267
C20-C21Gate displayed at 15:15Follow this flight
16:40PortoEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1748
C22-C25Gate displayed at 15:50Follow this flight
  • KL 1308
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 16:20Follow this flight
17 h
  • EZY 6142
C22-C25Gate displayed at 15:30Follow this flight
17:05AjaccioAir Corsica
  • XK 721
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 16:15Follow this flight
17:05London-HeathrowBritish Airways
  • BA 379
C01-C03Gate displayed at 15:45Follow this flight
17:15RennesAir France
  • AF 1189
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 16:25Follow this flight
17:15Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6135
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 16:40Follow this flight
  • V7 7235
  • HR 7235
C16-C17Gate displayed at 16:40Follow this flight
17:20Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4028
C22-C25Gate displayed at 16:35Follow this flight
  • FR 2058
B18Gate displayed at 16:35Follow this flight
  • IB 8741
D14-D15Gate displayed at 15:55Follow this flight
17:25NantesAir France
  • AF 1079
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 16:35Follow this flight
17:45Rome- FiumicinoAlitalia
  • AZ 367
C11-C14Gate displayed at 17:10Follow this flight
  • V7 2093
C20-C21Gate displayed at 17:00Follow this flight
17:45Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6137
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 17:10Follow this flight
17:45Metz-NancyTwin Jet
  • T7 3316
  • T7 3316
C17Gate displayed at 16:55Follow this flight
  • V7 2282
C18-C19Gate displayed at 17:20Follow this flight
17:55LyonEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4340
C22-C25Gate displayed at 17:05Follow this flight
18 h
18:05Paris-CDGAir France
  • AF 7525
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 17:30Follow this flight
  • EZY 8336
C22-C25Gate displayed at 16:35Follow this flight
18:10BrusselsBrussels Airlines
  • SN 3670
C06-C07Gate displayed at 16:50Follow this flight
18:25LisbonTAP Air Portugal
  • TP 499
D11-D12Gate displayed at 17:40Follow this flight
18:30LyonAir France
  • AF 1705
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 17:55Follow this flight
18:40LilleEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1701
C22-C25Gate displayed at 17:50Follow this flight
  • LH 2221
  • SK 3799
C08-C10Gate displayed at 18:10Follow this flight
18:45NiceEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1737
C22-C25Gate displayed at 18:10Follow this flight
18:50Paris-CDGEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 3966
C22-C25Gate displayed at 18:05Follow this flight
18:50MarseilleAir France
  • AF 1302
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 18:00Follow this flight
19 h
19:00Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6141
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 18:25Follow this flight
  • LH 1099
  • SQ 2093
C07-C09Gate displayed at 18:35Follow this flight
19:30Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6143
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 18:55Follow this flight
19:35Brussels CharlerRyanair
  • FR 2106
B17Gate displayed at 18:05Follow this flight
19:40NantesEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 3653
C22-C25Gate displayed at 18:50Follow this flight
19:45Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4030
C22-C25Gate displayed at 19:00Follow this flight
19:55LilleAir France
  • AF 1418
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 19:20Follow this flight
20 h
20:15Paris-CDGAir France
  • AF 7527
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 19:40Follow this flight
20:30Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6147
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 19:55Follow this flight
20:55LyonEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4438
C22-C25Gate displayed at 20:05Follow this flight
20:55Basel-MulhouseeasyJet Suisse
  • DS 1715
C22-C24Gate displayed at 20:05Follow this flight
21 h
21:00RennesAir France
  • AF 1199
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:10Follow this flight
21:00Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4032
C22-C25Gate displayed at 20:15Follow this flight
21:05NantesAir France
  • AF 1087
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:15Follow this flight
21:35MadridIberia Express
  • I2 3641
D14-D15Gate displayed at 20:15Follow this flight
  • EZY 8338
C22-C25Gate displayed at 20:20Follow this flight
22 h
  • FR 1081
D12Gate displayed at 20:45Follow this flight

Schedules are subject to change without notice. This does not in any way engage the responsibility of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

May we remind passengers that they should arrive at their departure gate at least 30 minutes before their flight is scheduled to leave, taking into account the time required to reach the departure gate, including checks and controls. Whatever the status of your flight, please arrive before the deadline for registration set by your airline.