INFO - Coronavirus COVID-19:

  • For several weeks, all sanitary measures have been taken in the airport to allow you to travel safely. Please note that protection mask are mandatory in the terminal.
  • Flights : Please check live flight statuts on our app and website. If you have any question, please contact your airline for more information
  • Shops & Services : All rental compagnies are opened. Other shops such the lounge "La croix du Sud" are currently closed.

More details about Coronavirus :

Safety measures

Safety control passage

To reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, the European Union has decided to reinforce airport security measures. Therefore, since 6th November 2006, airports have had to meet a directive limiting certain liquid products in hand luggage.

Download the booklet

Download the safety measures poster

When you go through the security checkpoints, the airport advises you to:

  • Remove your jackets and your coats
  • Remove any metal objects on your person (spare change, mobile phone, keys, etc.)
  • Take any laptops and/or electronic devices (format bigger than A5) out of your hand luggage

Place all of these objects in the purpose-provided trays so they can be x-rayed.