INFO - Coronavirus COVID-19:

  • For several weeks, all sanitary measures have been taken in the airport to allow you to travel safely. Please note that protection mask are mandatory in the terminal.
  • Flights : Please check live flight statuts on our app and website. If you have any question, please contact your airline for more information
  • Shops & Services : All rental compagnies are opened. Other shops such the lounge "La croix du Sud" are currently closed.

More details about Coronavirus :


To reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, the European Union has decided to reinforce airport security measures. Therefore, since 6th November 2006, airports have had to meet a directive limiting certain liquid products in hand luggage.

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Objects unauthorised in the cabin

In the event that any prohibited objects are found during the security check, the passenger must:- hand over the said object for destruction- or give the object to an accompanying party who is still in the city side zone.Any objects which are unauthorised in the cabin* must be transported as hold baggage, if authorised.If this regulation is not observed, passengers will be asked to either return to the check-in desks where the object in question will be registered as hold baggage, to surrender it for subsequent destruction or to hand it over to a friend or relative in the public area.*Objects unauthorised in the cabin : explosive devices, knives, scissors, craft knives, firearms or replicas, self-defence sprays, sharp and pointed objects, dangerous objects (baseball bats, golf clubs, bowling balls, etc.) and, as a general rule, any object which could be used in an offensive manner.This list is not exhaustive; please contact your airline for more information about objects which may not be authorised for air transport.

Duty free purchases

duty free

All items bought at the airport in duty free or other shops located in the departure lounge are authorised in the cabin, regardless of their volume.

For passengers with connecting flights, liquids and gels that are authorised in cabin luggage without restrictions are those that have been bought by a passenger travelling onboard an aircraft belonging to an EU carrier, in an EU airport or in an airport in the following countries: Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

For these passengers, shop assistants will put purchases in a sealed plastic bag, together with a form (located inside the bag or attached to it in such a way it cannot be removed) that can be read by security staff and featuring the names of the shop and airport, the date and time of purchase, a complete list of items, the flight number, destination and the person's name.

Applicable measures according to European regulations in force since 6 November 2006.