The Lounge is expanding !

In order to meet your expectations, the Croix du Sud lounge is expanding for your comfort.

  • the upstairs will include an extension of 170m2
  • New workspaces, relaxation and catering areas
  • New atmosphere, new furniture
  • Natural light and a view of the departure lounge

During this period, from may to september, the ground floor of the lounge is still open.


For Working or Relaxing

Soft lighting, an atmosphere of quiet refi nement, modern design and total comfort: La Croix du Sud lounge invites you to escape for a moment. This lounge is a unique area for a real break before boarding.

La Croix du Sud lounge provides you with made-to-measure services. Its bilingual staff will give you a special welcome:

  • National and international press
  • Television in French and in English
  • Internet
  • Free WiFi

Feeling peckish ?

There is a wide selection of self-service drinks and snacks available, help yourself to as much as you like: pastries, savoury or sweet snacks, soft and hot drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages – all tastes are catered for.

Easy access

Located on the boarding area in Hall C (across from gates 33-34), La Croix du Sud lounge welcomes you once you have come through the security checkpoint.

Why not take a break in the lounge?

Enjoy a privileged moment and take advantage of the numerous services available for 25 euros* (you can pay the entrance fee when you arrive at the lounge).
Priority pass, Lounge Pass, Lounge Key, Diners Club Internation, Airport Angel, Lounge Buddy or Dragon Pass holders may access to the La Croix du Sud lounge at any time.

* This information is a guideline only, and price may be changed without warning.

Rules for lounge Admittance and use

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Open from Monday to Saturday from 5:15am and sunday from 5:40am. Closed at 9:00pm (8:00pm on saturday).

Boarding area

Hall C