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Luggage protection, tracking and refund guarantee

Reinforced protection for your luggage and sum guaranteed

Do you wish to protect your luggage against shocks and theft?
It is now possible thanks to the baggage wrapping service of Safe Bag set up at the airport: Safe Bag, Europe’s leading company in baggage protection service, in less than 30 seconds and for € 14 gives you several services in one:
- protects your luggage from damage, rain, theft and accidental opening using a 100% recyclable ultra-resistant red film,

- tracks your luggage with the Safe Bag Code, which is associated to your suitcase and helps you to quickly locate your luggage even before the airline, thanks to our Customer Service being in daily contact with the Lost & Found service at airports --> with Safe Bag App, you can track your luggage,

- refunds up to € 4.000 in case of total loss and up to € 1000 in case of damage or partial theft. If your luggage is temporarily lost (delay on delivery of your tracked luggage), €100 per day refund, from 3rd day and up to € 1000.

At Safe Bag point of sale you will also find a baggage scale in order to weight your bag and avoid supplementary fees for the excess baggage not complying with the baggage allowance of the airlines.

Safe Bag also provides luggage locker facilities from €10 for 12 hours and €14 every additional 24 hours.

Safe Bag takes care of your luggage!

open daily from 4am to 7pm

Public area

Hall C