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Toulouse Airport / Andorra by bus

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Getting to & from the airport to Andorra by bus.

Train Station Matabiau 10h30 15h00* 19h30
Toulouse-Blagnac Airport 11h00 15h30* 20h00
Pas de la Case 13h30 18h00* 22h30
Andorre la Vieilla 14h00 18h30* 23h00
Andorre la Vieilla 5h00 10h00* 15h00
Pas de la Case 5h30 10h30* 15h30
Toulouse-Blagnac Airport 8h00 13h00* 18h00
Train Station Matabiau 8h15 13h15* 18h15

* Friday, saturday and sunday only to 1st december 2017. After 1st december, all days.

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Aéroport Toulouse / Montauban by bus

From the 13th July 2018 until the 2nd September 2018, Ouibus operates 4 daily bus connection between Montauban & Toulouse Airport.
Ticket price from 5 €/pers

Montauban - Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac
Montauban Salle Eurythmie | departure 7h15 9h40 13h00 16h10
Montauban Sud | arrival 7h35 10h00 13h20 16h30
Montauban Sud | departure 7h40 10h05 13h25 16h35
Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac | arrival 8h25 10h50 14h05 17h20
Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac - Montauban
Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac | departure 8h30 11h55 15h05 18h25
Montauban Sud | arrival 9h15 12h35 15h45 19h10
Montauban Sud | departure 9h20 12h40 15h50 19h15
Montauban Salle Eurythmie | arrival 9h35 12h55 16h05 19h30

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