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High-performance, dynamic support

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is there to support the execution and optimisation of your projects.
Experts are available to suggest specific solutions to your teams.

Made-to-measure support

The teams at Toulouse-Blagnac airport provide daily assistance for the process of setting up in Toulouse and can also give marketing support.

  • A team of specialists provides you with the surveys you need (market analysis, O&D traffic analysis, passenger typology, etc.). They guide you in setting yourself

up on the platform and facilitate useful contacts for the development of your route (regional authorities, tour operators, enterprises, etc.).

  • A marketing team provides made-to-measure support: commercial promotions (presence at trade shows, organisation of workshops, travel agency canvassing...), media publicity campaigns (posters, radio, local press…) and non-media campaigns (street marketing…), press relations (organisation of conferences and press trips…), appearance in airport material (brochures, magazines, website…).

Incentive measures


Toulouse-Blagnac airport offers a discount on landing and passenger charges for the launch of a new direct route, for a period of 3 years (6 IATA seasons).

Discount year
1 year
2 year
3 year
Landing charge
Passenger charge
  • The adjustment is applied to the passenger charge and the landing charge for a new route whose flight schedule is over a period of 3 consecutive months:

- at least 2 weekly flights for EU and Schengen area destinations,
- at least 1 weekly flight to other destinations.

  • If a carrier launches a regular flight on a route that has been in service for less than three years and which benefits from this rate adjustment, the carrier receives the same level of reduction as the existing operator, to the extent that the flight schedule meets the conditions required for application of this measure.
  • In the event of seasonal stoppage, the sliding scale process will continue when the route resumes operation, as if it had never stopped. The period of interruption is included in the discount period.


The adjustment for development of traffic is applied by the airline amounting to €3 per departing passenger over the growth target for airport traffic. This excludes traffic that benefits from the incentive measure for the launch of new routes. Conditions d’application de la modulation (cf. brochure tarifaire).