Boeing on Airbus territory in Toulouse

Thursday, 21 February, 2019

The American manufacturer Boeing recently completed its acquisition of KLX Inc., an American firm specialised in aeronautics with a strong presence in Toulouse, for the sum of 4.25 billion dollars. Boeing’s arrival within Airbus’ stronghold is highly symbolic.

KLX Inc. is a leading aerospace parts distributor. The group employs around one hundred people in France, who are now set to become employees of Boeing group. Although it remains symbolic, the arrival of Boeing in France’s famous “Pink City” has not gone unnoticed. Yet the aviation capital of Europe, stronghold of Europe’s flagship aircraft manufacturer, is already home to numerous partners of the American giant in the Toulouse region. Its subcontractors include Latécoère, Liebherr Aerospace, Satys and Figeac Aéro, to name a few. “This acquisition marks a new stage in the development strategy for our aftermarket division,” explained Stan Deal, Boeing Global Services CEO, back in May 2018.