More Top Tourist Destinations in Occitania

Monday, 15 October, 2018
Canal du midi

Following two calls for proposals launched by the Region, 40 areas joined the "Top Tourist Destinations in Occitania / South of France" initiative. The goal is to promote the heritage, cultural, natural and historic sites of our region and enhance their attractiveness to tourists.

There are so many remarkable sites in the new Occitania region: Cathar castles, majestic natural amphitheatres, ancient and natural monuments, etc. To publicise them, enhance the attractiveness to tourists in the region and therefore enter the top 10 European destinations by 2021, the Region has included 40 regional tourist sites in its "Top Tourist Destinations in Occitania" initiative.

This new initiative, from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean, has now been enhanced and prioritises innovation. It makes every "Top Tourist Destination in Occitania" a tourist spot in its own right and a region of influence to give the whole region a boost. The "Top Tourist Destinations in Occitania" benefit from a communication and promotion plan that aims to increase their renown among the inhabitants of Occitania, as well as national and international tourist markets. With 7 Top Tourist Destinations on the coast, 15 in the mountains, 9 in rural areas and 8 in urban areas, this heritage approach incorporates a regional dimension by permeating all areas of the region. The Canal du Midi includes 7 Top Tourist Destinations along its entire course.