New destinations from Toulouse

Friday, 19 April, 2019

With an ever-growing list of destinations departing from the Pink City, the summer season is looking bright. Travellers can now fly to 92 destinations from Toulouse, including the recently added destinations of Copenhagen, Bremen, Budapest and Luxembourg.

The 2019 Spring-Summer programme at Toulouse airport flirts with its favourite flight companion: the sun. For a gentle and caressing sun, take Air France to discover the Scandinavian charms of Copenhagen. Enter a different atmosphere with British Airways, which invites you to one of the oldest maritime cities of Germany, Bremen, thus building a bridge between two aeronautical regions linked by the presence of Airbus. The route will be operated by Sun Air of Scandinavia, a franchise that will operate routes for British Airways. Ryanair is also joining the programme, with the anticipated opening of 11 routes from its future hub starting in September. Make the most of a summer visit to Luxembourg or Budapest.

“There are now 92 destinations accessible by direct flight from Toulouse as part of this new programme,” says Philippe Crébassa, Chairman of the Executive Board of Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac. “The wide range of possibilities means that everyone can compose their summer à la carte, and perhaps even get away several times, given the highly attractive prices for many destinations. The other good news is the early opening in September of Ryanair routes initially planned for the end of October, at a time when the summer sun is still warm and inviting. ”

The number of available seats in the programme is stable compared with 2018. The share of the low-cost segment (42% of the total offering of scheduled flights) is identical to that in 2018. This spring, the airlines will be providing 17 national and 69 international routes as regular scheduled flights; when it comes to charter flights, 10 tour operators will be offering 17 destinations to holiday-makers.

XL Airways has also announced the opening of a route to Fort-de-France this winter. Toulouse is pressing ahead with its international development. New developments will enable the airport to make further progress on the international scene. The airport is focusing its efforts on growing low-cost traffic and introducing new long-haul routes.