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Occitanie, France’s top agribusiness region

Thursday, 13 February, 2020

With 7,200 companies, turnover of nearly 15 billion euros and some 46,000 employees in the workforce, agribusiness is a major industry in Occitanie, second only to aircraft manufacturing. The agribusiness industry tops the podium in France in many fields and enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Southern Europe, a real springboard to the Mediterranean markets.

People may not realize it, but Occitanie is the world’s leading wine region with no fewer than 60 protected designations of origin, including Fronton, Madiran, Côtes de Gascogne and Cahors, far ahead of its famous neighbour, Bordeaux. It is also France’s leading region in sheep production, responsible for 29% of national production, as well as in dairy production, responsible for 73% of national production.

The region also stands out in the sectors of convenience food, nutritional products, fruit processing and even the dairy industry, home to major national brands like Raynal et Roquelaure, Nutrition & Santé, Andros and the Roquefort caves. Innovation in both products and processes is also an important growth driver, with new companies such as Ederna, specialising in extraction processes, Genibio in probiotics, and Vegeplast in bioplastics. For the most part, these companies are characterised by products with a strong regional identity or specific expertise.