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Toulouse, capital of the transport of the future

Friday, 19 April, 2019

Having been officially recognised as the European capital of aeronautics and space activities, Toulouse is diversifying its expertise in terms of transport and its innovation strategy.

Ultra-high-speed bullet train, driverless car, drones... Toulouse is aiming to become a leader in the transport of the future. In the space of a few months, several large groups and start-ups chose the city as the location in which to develop their projects.


The Hyperloop supersonic train, an urban cable car, a new metro line and flying vehicles are at the core of the development in Toulouse. The “pink city” is home to an increasing number of companies and start-ups working to develop the transport of the future.

EVA (Electric Visionary Aircrafts) is a start-up that was established at the former Francazal military airport in 2017. This company is developing the first fleet of electric and automated flying aircraft. For the managers of this company, Toulouse’s economic ecosystem was a major selling point.

EVA plans to develop an automated and electric urban aerial transport service. This service will provide a clean mode of transport in terms of the environment and a user-friendly transport solution.

The development of these electric vehicles constitutes a rapidly expanding market. Large companies such as Airbus, Uber and Renault are already at the start line.

The future flying taxis developed by Airbus, the European leader in the aeronautics sector, have been christened Vahana and will be an all-electric 8-prop aircraft. Vahana will initially only be able to carry one person or parcels, but the aim is to be able to transport up to 4 passengers.

A vehicle such as this would pick up users from building rooftops to fly them to transport hubs such as airports or railway stations.

Hyperloop has also arrived in Toulouse.

The California-based start-up has been commissioned to build the train of the future. This is a mode of transport with the capacity to travel at speeds of 1,200 kph. According to a recent press release issued by the company, this audacious project will enable passengers to travel between Toulouse and Montpellier in just 25 minutes.

Hyperloop TT will revolutionise rail transport as we know it with the introduction of 30-metre-long supersonic capsules that can carry around thirty passengers.

Renault has also invested in Toulouse, taking over the former Intel site and recruiting 261 of its engineers to develop the software that will equip the Renault-Nissan group’s smart vehicles.