2015: an exceptional year for the aerospace sector

Friday, 25 March, 2016

2015 was a highly eventful year on the aeronautics and space scene. We take a look back on the highlights that have secured Toulouse and its surrounding area its status as the European aerospace capital.

As far as aeronautics is concerned, 2015 was once again marked by Airbus' success. With 1,036 orders last year, the certification of the A320neo in November and the maiden flight of its new helicopter, the H-160, the European aircraft manufacturer reaffirmed its status as a world industry leader. However, 2015 was also a record year for another manufacturer, ATR, which secured 76 firm orders, confirming the Franco-Italian firm's leadership among manufacturers of regional aircraft with a capacity of less than 100 seats. The unrivalled highlight of the year for the space sector was the satellite Philae. Teams at CNES (National Centre for Space Studies) in Toulouse successfully woke Philae from hibernation on Churyumov in June, providing valuable information concerning the formation of the comet and about the origins of the Earth. This cosmic achievement will no doubt be followed by others, thanks to a contract signed by Airbus Defence and Space with OneWeb for 900 micro-satellites at the Paris Air Show.