Ranking of the best restaurants in the world

Friday, 13 January, 2017

Two restaurants in Toulouse and seven in the Occitanie region ranked among the best in the world

The 2017 edition of La Liste, which ranks the thousand best restaurants in the world based on information compiled from restaurant guides and food columns, appeared at the beginning of December. It includes seven establishments in the Occitanie region. The Auberge du Vieux-Puits in Fonjoncousse and chef Gilles Goujon take 15th place with a score of 98.75/100. Maison Bras in Laguiole comes in 73rd with a score of 96.75. In Toulouse, the listed restaurants are that of Michel Sarran (90.25) and Yannick Delpech's L'Amphitryon (89.50). Michel Bras had already been elected best chef in the world by his peers in January 2016. The new features of this second edition of La Liste include an application that geolocates the thousand listed restaurants, as well as 10,000 other establishments considered to offer exceptional value for money in 135 countries. The organisers created this ranking as a "tool for travellers".