Toulouse start-up Sigfox enters the international arena

Friday, 25 March, 2016

At the end of February, Sigfox—a Toulouse-based company—won the "Best Innovation for the Internet of Things" award at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is a boon for the start-up, which has enjoyed phenomenal development and is now helping to promote the very best of Toulouse's technological innovations.

For the last five years, Sigfox has been working on technology to develop a global narrowband, energy-efficient network dedicated to the Internet of Things. Last year, the start-up from Labège (Toulouse) specialising in device connectivity, raised €100 million by appealing to various funds and companies such as Air Liquide and Engie. This is one of the best capital-raising successes a French start-up has ever achieved. The 200-strong start-up, based in Labège near Toulouse, has now gone international. The building that houses Sigfox, was renamed "IoT Valley" back in September and it is now home to around 30 start-ups and an IoT accelerator, Connected Camp, founded in 2015. The first programme began in February 2016 with 8 start-ups. In September, SNCF decided to set up an in-house incubator there, which it named “574”.