The transport of the future takes shape in Toulouse

Friday, 28 April, 2017

Toulouse, the birthplace of the development of on-board systems, primarily focused on aeronautics up to this point, has just reached a new milestone with the successive announcements of the establishment of new companies for research on public or personal transport of the future.

Since January 2017, RATP has been testing the autonomous shuttle in Paris designed by EasyMile, a company based in Toulouse. This driverless electric mini-bus is equipped with cameras and laser beams to stop or reduce the vehicle speed ahead of obstacles. Continental Automotive France has announced officially that its subsidiary specialised in systems for connected cars will be set up in Toulouse. This project involves an investment of several hundred million euros and the creation of at least 150 jobs. Finally, Toulouse will host the research centre and test track for California’s supersonic train project, Hyperloop.  This technology, considered by some to be science fiction, would be able to transport passengers in capsules moving in a low-pressure tube at speeds up to 1,200 km/h.