Corporate Social Responsibility

The Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac company

Our ambition

Being a responsible airport means choosing to grow in an inclusive, sustainable way, looking after the people who form the backbone of our business, respecting the environment and being committed to the well-being of our local area.

Our commitments

The challenges facing society in terms of economic development, the ecological transition and transportation of people and goods are the guiding principles for the airport’s development over the years to come. Fuelled by its determination to rise to these challenges, ATB has set itself the goal of being a benchmark airport in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Transparency, consultation, and dialogue form the basis of our CSR commitments, with the ultimate aim of building a responsible, inclusive airport hand-in-hand with our passengers and partners.

  1. People as key to sustainable growth : through fairness, well-being at work and skills development
  2. Customer satisfaction : through a high-quality service, dialogue and co-construction
  3. Controlled impact : through analysis and responsible, sustainable development with complete transparency.
  4. Responsible procurement : through an ethical approach and mutual trust
  5. Social commitment at local level : through partnerships with regional stakeholders, working with the local community
Philippe Crebassa, Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac
The fundamental challenges of corporate social responsibility inspire us to think big. We challenge ourselves to aim for excellence day after day, driven by our determination to make Toulouse-Blagnac a benchmark airport worldwide.Philippe Crébassa, Chairman of the Executive Board of Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac

4 strategic priorities for building tomorrow’s airport

Guarantee harmonious and sustainable development

We develop our routes and services while taking into account the environmental impacts of our business, making sure development is always compatible with the well-being of local residents and protection of the natural environment.

Our sustainable development policy

Drawing up and developing a responsible social policy

The Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac company places great emphasis on developing the skills of its staff and promoting equal opportunities in the workplace.

Our social policy

Be a key player in terms of regional development

Because we represent a powerful link between the local community, the economy, tourism and culture, we are committed to bringing together all these stakeholders and encouraging shared, inclusive, responsible and sustainable projects and actions.

Our social innovation policy

Guarantee a high-quality service for all our customers

We adopt a continuous improvement approach with all our customers, passengers and partners, in line with our quest to offer the best, most secure, sustainable and innovative service. Our commitments as a responsible company are an integral part of our relationship with each one of them.

Our customer commitments