The amount of money you can carry is not limited by French law.

However, since 15 June, 2007, both French and non-French residents must declare to French customs any sums, securities or valuables carried, with a value of €10,000 or more, at the borders of the European Union.


The import and export of counterfeit products is a customs offence. Buyer:

  • risk, for the mere possession of a forgery, of a fine or prison sentence,
  • can pose a health risk (fake alcohols, perfumes and cosmetics),
  • undermines national industrial heritage and know-how and funds criminal networks.

Specific formalities

Some goods are subject to specific provisions when they enter or leave a European Union member state.

These include:

  • weapons and ammunition,
  • cultural property,
  • protected wildlife species and products thereof,
  • live animals and animal products,
  • plants and plant-based products,
  • medicines and medical products (except those for personal use),
  • wines, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and other regulated products.


To find out more:

  • Visit the website 
  • Tel.:  0 811 204 444 (0,06€/min including VAT)
  • Contact the consular or customs services of the destination and transit countries to obtain precise information

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