How to get to Toulouse airport?

Transport to and from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Monday 1st May 2023 - No public transport

For Labor Day, the Tisséo network will be interrupted. Metro, bus, airport shuttle, tram do not run.

All roads lead to Toulouse airport!

Located close to the centre of Toulouse, there are many ways of easily and quickly getting from the airport to the Toulouse town centre and surrounding area. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport provides a diverse transport network to make travelling easier.

  • The airport’s secure official car parks, located closest to the terminal.
  • The tram and Tisséo airport shuttle will take you quickly to Toulouse city centre, and there are specific buses for travelling to the surrounding area.
  • For those who prefer a more environmentally-friendly means of transport, there are motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces near the terminal.
  • Private transport services, taxis and private hire vehicles will take you to a chosen destination.
  • There are car hire services for business and tourist trips in and around Toulouse.
  • Alternatively, you can hire and ride electric using self-service cars and mopeds.
  • The airport is also an ideal starting point for travelling by bus to Italy or to a holiday destination in the Pyrenees, Andorra or Italy.
Plan Transports Centre-ville - Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac
Covoiturage - Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac
Ride-sharing meeting point

Take advantage of ride-sharing!

A ride-sharing meeting point, indicated by a pictogram, can be found at the Express Park drop-off point near the terminal.

Free parking is limited to 10 minutes. Beyond that, the Express Park drop-off rates will apply.


You can find out more and book a space in our official car parks online.

Book your parking space

Express Parcs

  • Express Park Drop-off
  • Express Park P0

1-3 min

0 to 10 min: Free

Eco Parcs

  • Eco Park P5
  • Eco Park P6

10 -15 min

3 days from 43,80 €

Premium Parc

  • Premium

1 min

2 days from 51,00€

Proxi Parcs

  • Proxi Park P1
  • Proxi Park P2
  • Proxi Park P3

2 - 7 min

2 days from 42,20€