Duty Free

Pay for your purchases tax-free

What is Duty Free?

Duty free - Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac

Normally, all items and services you buy are subject to VAT in the country where you’re located.

When travelling by plane, some shops situated in international zones are not subject to the taxes of the country in which they are in.

These shops are therefore described as being “Duty Free”. When you buy something duty free, it means you may pay for your goods without paying the taxes applied by the country where you’re making your purchase.

Note: some shops offer the same price to the customer regardless of their destination by taking charge of the difference (being Duty-Paid).

How do I benefit from duty-free prices?

It all depends on the products and where you’re going. Quantities depend also on the type of merchandise, your destination and your age.

Step 1. Be located in one of the areas in question
Step 2. Cross a European border
Step 3. Present your boarding pass at the checkout

Requesting a tax refund

Outside the European Union, you can also request a tax refund for purchases made outside of duty-free zones. The tax may be refunded:

  • Directly in stores.
  • Before passing through customs, on presenting a tax refund form provided at the point of sale (or export sales slip).

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