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Nestled at the foot of the Corsican mountains, Ajaccio overflows with all the charms of the Isle of Beauty.

Its colourful façades and busy fishing port embody the spirited, friendly atmosphere of the old town. The birthplace of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio is proud of its most prestigious representative, and offers the chance to visit his ancestral home. But Ajaccio is also the place where visitors can indulge in the highest-quality authentic Corsican produce, with endless temptations on market days. You will also be awed by the beaches. There are over twenty within a short distance of the city, and the most beautiful can be found on the Iles Sanguinaires, or “Blood Islands”, 12 km to the west of Ajaccio. The city is a great starting point for trips along the coast, either by car, on foot or by mountain bike.

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Discover Ajaccio and its region

Ajaccio offers you a taste of the complete Corsican experience, and provides easy access to the island’s many attractions.

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