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Culture, traditions, cuisine... Djerba is not simply a beach destination, visitors are also swayed by the charm of its artisan markets, fishing port and Borj el Kebir castle… Influenced by Berber, Arabic, Jewish and African cultures, this small island is bound to leave its mark! Not to be missed: Ksar Ghilane oasis and the fascinating village of Chenini with its fortresses.

Borj el Kebir Tunisian castle

Street Art A stroll through Djerbahood

Houmt Souk Markets: colours & flavours

Cultural site El Ghriba Synagogue

The beaches in Djerba Kitesurfing


Head for sunny Djerba! With 330 days of sunshine a year, this small Tunisian island enjoys one of the most enticing climates.

Its coastline is a true corner of paradise for sun-seekers and diving enthusiasts alike. The inland villages are equally charming, with their olive and orange trees scattered across the hillsides. A 6-km ancient Roman road links the island to the mainland, Djerba holds the promise of arrestingly beautiful landscapes. Buy your tickets now, departing from Toulouse!

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  • Tunisian Diner
  • Arabic
  • ID card or valid passport
  • Spring : 21°C • Summer : 29°C • Autumn : 25°C • Winter : 17°C

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