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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has its own identity across each of its five regions

The capital, Luxembourg, and its surrounding areas. These include the Ardennes and their natural parks, the Mullerthal, known as “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland” because of its beautiful wild nature, the Moselle and its vineyards, and finally the Land of the Red Rocks, a mining area in the south of Luxembourg.

Alternating between plains and forests, dotted with lakes and rivers, the landscapes of Luxembourg charm and enthral. With its numerous museums, fabulous architecture, castles and fortifications, Luxembourg boasts an incredible range of fascinating cultural sites.

Luxembourg and its surrounding areas

The smallest European country is cosmopolitan and combines modernity with heritage, all within a lush, natural setting.

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MUDAM Modern Art Museum

Mullerthal Region Hilly region to the east of the country

Pfaffenthal Lift Panoramic lift

Bock Plateau Birthplace of the city

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  • Euro
  • French, German, Luxembourgeois
  • Valid ID card or passport
  • Spring : 18°C • Summer : 23°C • Autumn : 12°C • Winter : 6°C

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